4195 Marine Drive is a 5-acre property, located to the north of Marine Drive at the  intersection of Burkehill Road and Marine Drive.

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Historically, 4195 Marine Drive and surrounding areas were used for thousands of years as part of the traditional territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. The site was once a forested area of robust resources including elk, bear and other wildlife. The site was primarily a fishing, hunting and gathering area for the local communities and the important village of Xwemelch'stn was located close to the site.

In the mid 1900s the site was cleared and used as a gravel pit in the 1960s until it was purchased by the Fisheries Research Board of Canada in 1967. Together with land to the south of Marine Drive (which was previously the Millerd or Great Northern Cannery), the site formed part of a research facility that made use of good quality sea water and was designated as the Pacific Environment Institute. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans still undertake research activities on land to the south of Marine Drive. 4195 Marine Drive was acquired by the joint venture partners as part of the agreement when the land was sold to the partners in 2014.

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West Vancouver has been developed since the 1900s as a series of villages stretching along the shoreline and connected by Marine Drive. Sandy Cove is one of these villages that originally began as a collection of small houses and summer cabins associated with the cannery and gre to be an established residential community. The village centre of Dundarave is approximately 4 km to the east or a 5 minute drive by car.

Today the neighbourhood is characterised by large single family homes stretching up from the waterfront to the Upper Levels Highway. The Marine Drive Lands are surrounded by housing to the north, east, and south, as well as the Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research (operated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans) to the south of Marine Drive. Directly to the west of the site is Cypress Park Primary School which also includes two tennis courts and a baseball diamond.

Stearman Beach, Sandy Cove Beach, Erwin Park and Caulfeild Park are all within walking distance from the site.

To the west of the site and on the southern side of Marine Drive is a small retail cluster that includes a market and gas station.

The site is served by transit with the 250 and 253 buses serving bus stops on Marine Drive adjacent to the site.

Marine Drive Lands image